Course Assessment – Be Prepared

  • You have an initial 90 minutes to complete the 47 question assessment and achieve a pass rate of 100%
  • You are permitted 2 attempts – on the first attempt you must score a minimum of 75% (35 correct answers out of 47) You will have the opportunity to answer any questions you answered incorrectly on the 2nd attempt to reach a pass mark of 100%
  • Revisiting the Assessment Lesson is not permitted
  • For any 2nd attempt you will have 22 minutes 30 seconds to answer any questions initially answered incorrectly
  • Should the 100% Pass mark not be achieved you will be required to undertake further learning and apply for further assessment on a future date.
  • At the head of each question is advice on which HETAS Training Unit to refer to, please ensure you have your training materials to hand to assist in confirming your answer.
  • Keep an eye on the countdown clock at the top of the screen and the question counter on the left hand side.

Use the volume button at the bottom left to mute or adjust the audio as needed.

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If you have passed please see the link below to contact a HETAS Training Centre to book Part 2 of your Refresher – the ‘Practical Assessment’ – This must be completed within the next 6 months:

If you have been unsuccessful please undertake further learning in readiness for another attempt to be arranged via the Contact Us link below: